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Hello and welcome to my personal homepage, this website was initially built in Oct.3rd, more info would be added later when I have enough time to complete it. Now it's a brief website built in HTML.

Education Info

Now I'm a junior student majoring in EEE, and recently have idea to study abroad but still in planning.

Bugs Fixed

If you are viewing this website in mobile then you may unable to see the navigation bar or some pictures. Also, if you are encountering bugs when surf on this webside, you can email me via "Find me" to report the bug.

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Works Related
Sept 2022
TowerMiner --- This game was built by Unity and attended Unity official game jam, which awarded excellent creation by Unity official.
June 2022
SoulLink --- This game was built by Unity and attended Tencent 72h gamejam. And already has its steam interface.
April 2022
MaintainHungry --- This game was initially built in winter vacation which had won best artwork in UESTC game jam.